Our clients are enthusiastic about the level of service and productivity they have received from RFI Consultants. Read what they have to say about RFI Consultants Services!   

 In 2005, we made the decision to switch our CAD platform to Revit, knowing that we would need to convert and create new standards and to retrain our entire staff. We did not have these capabilities in house, so we searched for a consultant to help us make the transition. We were looking not only for expertise in Revit and the architectural/interior disciplines, but also the ability to effectively teach these skills to our people. Ken Marcus from of RFI Consultants fulfilled all of these requirements and was an excellent resource for our staff. Ken is an extremely adept trainer and coach. 

- Earl Gerfen CIO, RMW Architects  

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ "We consider RFI Consultants to be a virtual member of our IT Department. He has helped our project teams develop strategies to successful design and document complex projects using Revit, which has let our in-house IT staff to focus on what we do best."

- Christopher Parsons CIO, Steinberg Architects    

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ "We always bring in RFI Consultants at project startup.  It's huge value, saving both money and brain damage to have Revit setup optimally for each specific project. Working with RFI Consultants allows us to be architects and focus on building design rather than focusing on Revit. Our expertise is in how the building goes together, it's not in software. RFI Consultants is value that adds profit."

- Michael Hilliard, AIA, LEED AP President, Hilliard Architects Inc. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Ken Marcus, of RFI Consultants has been an integral part of my office's conversion to and on-going use of Revit Architecture. We were originally introduced during our first training classes, and from that time on, it has been a pleasure and rewarding experience to work with Ken. He is an extremely able instructor, with a profound knowledge of the program. More valuable than his product specific skills, however, is his ability to translate the system's strengths and limitations into solutions for daily use. Due to his extensive practical experience in production environments, Ken provides efficient, realistic guidance on both macro and micro levels. I have used Ken for continuing training in the office as well as a project specific production manager. He excels in both capacities, providing articulate, congenial, focused guidance, as well as generating creative solutions to the non-standard problems that seem to appear with every job. I can strongly recommend Ken to firms large and small. The breadth of his experience is astounding, and without his help our transition to Revit would have been far less successful. Ken's telephone number is the one essential resource that should have come in the product box. We were lucky enough to get it early on.”  

-Chip Smith, Architect President, Verdigris, Patina and Rust _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Ken has worked for/with me as both a draftsperson and Revit consultant over the past few years. I find that because of his breadth of knowledge not only of the CAD program, but of architecture in general, that I never have to maintain constant supervision of his work. He immediately grasps the design issues/challenges and project goals, then is able to execute architectural drawings in an extremely timely manner. Accordingly, the productivity of my firm increased considerably in a very short time. Ken is a real team player whose contributions have been invaluable and who is a pleasure to have in the office. Furthermore, he approaches his work seriously and very professionally...definitely an asset to any architectural firm.”  

 - Laurie E. Friedman, Architect Principal Architect at Laurie E. Friedman, Architect   

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